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We are working hard to change, innovate and design with the spirit of challenger,
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Brand Concept
Integrity is what Le Pusheng has always been adhering to. "Le Pusheng spirit", i...

To give you a good experience, eight brands will create excellent platform fo...

To serve our customers, employees, partners and society wholeheartedly, through ...


  LUKPOPSON, founded in 1998 in San Francisco St. Francesco, California, USA, is a global professional material supplier and service provider of design, manufacture and sales. It has a strong and perfect upstream and downstream industry chain. Products cover WPC floor, fortified ground board, solid wood and solid wood composite flooring. Category. In 2012, LUKPOPSON established two production bases in China's Guangdong and Jiangsu, and the products were exported to ...


Then the application of sustainable environmental protection material with lepusheng floor, safe and reliable.


  • WPC Super Floor
    WPC super floor is a new kind of floor material, which has been popular all over...
  • Laminate Floor
    The floor is generally composed of four layers of materials, namely, wear...
  • Composite floor
    The solid wood composite floor is made from the staggered laminate of dif...
  • Wooden floor
    Solid wood flooring is ground decoration material formed after drying and pro...
  • Geothermal floor
    The pure solid wood floor heat floor is a pure solid wood floor, which ca...

    As the export brand of China's flooring industry, the products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and Southeast Asia.

    The technology level is excellent, the technology is synchronized, the international market specifications and styles.

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