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Wood resources shortage floor industry how to break out

Wood resources shortage floor industry how to break out


The serious problems faced by wood flooring industry, or even the common problem faced by all mankind, is the sharp decline of forest resources. The rapid consumption of wood resources has led to the gradual increase in the operating cost of wood products enterprises. Although the wood flooring industry has a low threshold, the high cost operating conditions have not hinders the addition of new people. How to alleviate the high consumption of the floor caused by the shortage of wood resources? The last tree, or the use of fast-growing wood to make wood floors, can be more useless - the floor refurbished! National policy: protecting forest resources from top to bottom, global human beings have reached a consensus on protecting the earth's forest resources. The timber resources of the domestic flooring industry mainly come from the European and American continent, with the prohibition of the deforestation of wood resources by various timber exporters, and the restrictions on the timber export, which makes the domestic wood flooring shortage in the market in the last two years. Out of support for the orderly development of the flooring industry, it is necessary for all countries to carry out a limited lumber restriction.

Floor brand: carrying out tree planting activities

The floor brand's advocacy for environmental protection and low carbon floor consumption can help consumers create healthy home environment. Similarly, they need to protect the ecological environment and learn to live together with the limited forest resources.

Nature floor and many other floor brands for several years to carry out tree planting festival activities for a few years, for the annual consumption of forest resources to make human compensation, they in the idea of cutting a tree of a tree, well undertook the corporate social responsibility!

Floor consumption: old wood flooring refurbished

On the consumer terminals, we can also make corresponding remedial measures for the sharp reduction of forest resources. Wood flooring is one of the manifestations of a conservation minded society. Of course, wood flooring is only suitable for pure solid wood flooring. As opposed to the floor of the floor, random discard the waste of the purchase of new floor laying, the recycling of the old floor and refurbishment, can let the solid wood floor in this industry for a long time!

Wood flooring is a universal behavior and an effective way to save wood resources.