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For the daily maintenance of the floor

For the daily maintenance of the floor


01. Regular cleaning and maintenance

The regular cleaning or sweeping the floor, to prevent the accumulation of sand and other hard objects to scratch the floor surface.

The mop is not dripping mop to clean the floor, using special floor wax or woody oil care.

The local dirt cleaning with a neutral detergent, prohibited the use of acid and alkaline solvent or organic solvent such as gasoline scrub.

02, the indoor humidity is less than 40%, should adopt the humidifying measures; indoor humidity is 70% or more, to be wet vent.

03, avoid metal scratches, glass, porcelain, shoes and other hard debris scratching the floor. When moving furniture and heavy objects, it is strictly prohibited to drag on the floor surface.

04, strictly prohibit the flooring contact with open flames or directly placed on the floor of large power electric heater, and prohibit placing strong acidic substances on the floor.

05, if the pavement is not used for a long time, it should be regularly ventilated and humidified.

06, should avoid toilet, kitchen and other sources of water leakage.

07, when using the ground heating system, the heating cannot be too fast. It should slow down and cool down. It is recommended that the heating speed is 1 degree / hour.

08, the floor surface humidity should not exceed 70%. It is not allowed to cover the area of more than 1.5 square airtight material. Avoid using furniture without leg and foot protection measures.