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Over the past thirty years of reform and opening up, China's economy has been standing on the top of the global economy and has created another legend that commends the world. With the rapid development of China's economy, environmental protection and ecological balance are facing increasingly severe challenges. How to ensure the harmonious coexistence and sustainable development of enterprises and environment, people and society is the subject that every enterprise needs to face and needs to be solved, and it is also the responsibility of every member of the society.

Nowadays, the world is an environmental protection era advocating nature, health and quality of life. Consumers' awareness of green consumption is increasing day by day, which requires enterprises to pay close attention to their responsibilities when pursuing economic development goals. The fulfillment of social responsibility is not only the expectation of the public to enterprises, but also one of the ways to build their own competitiveness. Because only the enterprise with the sense of social responsibility can win the identity, respect and trust of the consumer, and then can form the social influence, and can be invincible in the market competition.

Since its founding, the brand products have been adhering to the historical mission of "carrying on the responsibility of environmental protection and healthy life", and adhering to the pursuit of "green", integrating the concept of ecological and environmental protection into the enterprises' production, purchasing, marketing, consumption and so on, and inject green "gene" into all aspects of the enterprise, and make green "green". Corporate culture is one of the important guiding principles of an enterprise. Using green technology, green new product development, green manufacturing, green marketing and green service, Le Pusheng floor, through a series of measures and practical action, has shouldered the important task of enterprise development, protection of the environment, and keeping the ecological balance.

The employees, employees, partners and society are dedicated to our customers, employees, partners and society, to ensure the harmonious coexistence and sustainable development of the enterprises and the environment, the harmonious coexistence of people and the society, and the responsibility of every member of the society.