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A new era of ground material experience

Finally, the floor waterproof zero formaldehyde time come!

History is constantly advancing in innovation. The wild arrived in civilization, from disorder to standard, every innovation,

They all need to break away from the old concept of the shackles. The development of flooring, such as bamboo and wood floor, fortified floor and solid wood flooring, has undergone major innovations and changes, but it can not solve the trouble of formaldehyde and waterproof. Nowadays, a new era belongs to the floor, and the era of waterproof and zero formaldehyde is finally coming.

In the era of waterproof and zero formaldehyde, the floor can not only satisfy the traditional floor paving space, but also with the bathroom.

The kitchen and other traditional tiles and paving space together to achieve a good integration, and the human lifestyle changes to the depth, taking people into an unprecedented floor experience new era.

For a long time, wooden flooring cannot solve the problem of waterproofing, so it can't make bricks in floor products.

Compared with that, today, the WPC super and the floor have been born, which solved this problem well.

It can participate in the competition with ceramic tile market, and the prospect is immeasurable.

Zero formaldehyde is safe